Advantages for Contents holders

As an information source, VOICE has sought the cooperation of 125 universities and organizations with which Yamaguchi University has an international cooperation agreement, to gain a wide range of overseas information that contents holders want.
The information is gathered from students in their teens to twenties who take an interest in contents and who might impact the market significantly.
Consequently, by grasping these different trends, demands and the condition of illegal usage in various countries quickly, there is a possibility of this leading to a new business chance.
Furthermore, VOICE is introducing a system which gathers information from not only students but also contents fans all over the world.
We will develop an "Information exchange site" which will allow us to get real-time information about contents that the fans post.
Also, contents holders can join the site freely, so they can expand their business through exchange of opinions, gaining information, suggestion about the business doing interactive communication with the fans.
If contents holders use VOICE, they have possibility of finding new business chances through information gathered from the fans all over the world.
Written below are some of the perceived advantages about animation, comics, games, music below.


Depending on the country or area, there can be differences in what kind of animation is popular.
For example, in Japan, the animation which are currently being broadcasting have a tendency to become trnedy.
However, in North America, the animation which used to be popular in Japan, such as "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" "Cardcaptor Sakura" are loved by people for a long time.
In addition, in China, there are many people who prefer animation involving monsters, so the animation where monster characters appear like "Natsume's Book of Friends" tend to become popular.
In this project, we believe we can suggest possible expansion of new contents by grasping the characteristics of each area.
Based on these, we think that remakes of animations and subtitles of many languages can be easily accomplished.


As with animation, grasping the trends of preferred genres in comics is considered to be very helpful for contents holders.
Furthermore, by knowing that works that are popular in Japan are different to overseas will allow for the consideration of mixed media.
For example, in North America, the section of Japan comics in school libraries, "Vampire Knight" is on par with comics such as "Naruto" and "Death Note".
But the rollout of "Vampire Knight" goods and development of its animation are not enough in North America.
By grasping each area's demands, we think that new developments overseas can be considered.


For games, many people in foreign countries by and download games from the internet, and problems like illegal downloading exist.
Using VOICE, this information regarding illegal downloads can be researched in real time.
In addition, we think that gaining information of major video distribution sites overseas will lead to an anticipation what is popular in each country as well as sales of products that haven't developed in Japan.
For example, "Dead by Daylight" isn't released in Japan, but the game was popular on video sites and many people voiced that they hoped for it to be sold in Japan too.
This led to the decision for release.


In regard to music, the increase in the buying and selling of pirated CDs and illegal downloads, corresponds to the decrease in the overall sale of music.
On this project, we are gathering the real voices of music users all over the world to provide the information for contents holders.
As a result, we think that will lead to early intervention against pirated CDs or illegal downloading can be taken.
In addition, we think contents holders can advance with less risk into the overseas markets of concerts by knowing artists and musical compositions that are famous across the world.