What is VOICE?

In recent years, there have been diverse opinions regarding the measures taken against illegal websites such as Mangamura and Anitube.
Contents holders and the Japanese government are using methods such as site blocking and the enforcement of law to stop the illegal use of websites.
However, during out year studying abroad, we heard a lot of demands and opinions from overseas users who purely enjoy Japanese content.
Examples of these include, "It takes a lot of time to get the contents I want." "I cannot get the goods I want." "So, I use illegal methods to get contents."
In this project

From these, we want to contribute to the development of contents and culture.
As for solutions, this project "VOICE" was set up as a new system to connect contents holders and fans across the world.
VOICE continues conversations about the problems of the contents industry with contents holders, utilizing language ability and problem-solving skills focusing on intellectual property gained from our first three years of university and studying abroad.
We utilize the knowledge which we gained from these experiences and encourage interactive communication between contents holders and fans.
Thus contributing to the development of contents culture.
We aim to solve the problem using the following steps.

  1. Gather the fans' demands
    We will gather demands and opinions by questionnaires and an information exchange site that we created.
  2. Convey the fans' demands to contents holders
    For example: We want many different languages for subtitles, we want animation to be broadcast around the same time of Japan
  3. Contents holders grasp the fans' demands, etc.
    To solve problems such as contents holders finding it difficult to see the wants of the fans
  4. Contents holders expand their business based on the fans' demands
    By grasping what is needed correctly, contents holders can expand the business more effectively
  5. Return demands to the fans as real contents
    The fans can get contents which suit their demands and contents holders can also benefit in their business

By this chain, we anticipate the further development of contents.